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Deputy General Manager


Foreign Institutional Investors & Custodian Division






Cir No.IMD/FII & C/ 30/2008

                             July 21, 2008


All Custodians of Securities

Sub: Submission of Monthly Reports


1.      Please refer to our circular dated May 18, 2001 calling for periodical information from the custodians.


2.      The revised format of the report is enclosed herewith.  The information in Annexures A, B, C, D & E should be submitted in an excel file termed as, report(custodian acronym)(month)(year).xls.


3.      The report for the month shall be submitted by the custodians by the 7th of the succeeding month to the e-mail id, custodianreports@sebi.gov.in.


4.      A copy of this circular is available on our website www.sebi.gov.in.



Yours faithfully,


Jeevan Sonparote


Enclosures: Acronyms, Annexure A, B, C, D and E