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Material on the History of Indian Securities Market

A. Objectives

B. Committee Reports

1. Report on Bombay Stock Exchange Enquiry Committee - 1924 (Sir Wilfrid Atlay)
2. Report of the Stock Exchange Enquiry Committee - 1937 (Walter B Morison)
3. Report on the Regulation of the Stock Exchanges in India - 1948 (P J Thomas)

C. Board Minutes of Stock Exchanges

1. Calcutta Stock Exchange (1910 to 1923)
2. Bombay Stock Exchange (1973 to 1980)
3. Madras Stock Exchange (1936 - 1956)

D. Lok Sabha Debates - Securities Contracts (Regulation) Bills (Uploaded from the Lok Sabha Debates with the permission from the Hon'ble Speaker) with Conditions

1. December 24,1954 - Securities Contracts (Regulation) Bill
2. November 28, 1955 - Securities Contracts (Regulation) Bill,1954
3. August 2, 1956 - Securities Contracts (Regulation) Bill, 1956

Abstract of the Proceedings of the Council of the Governor General of India for the purpose of making Laws and Regulations

F. Acts

1. The Indian Companies (Memorandum of Association) Act, 1895.
2. The Indians Companies Act, 1913
3. An act to amend the Indian Companies Act, 1913
4. Bombay Securities Contracts Control Act, 1925
5. The Capital Issues (Control) Act, 1947

G. List of References

Disclaimer : 'The material is being posted for educational/informational purposes only'.

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