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Securities and Exchange Board of India

Supply of online UPS

Securities and Exchange Board of India, (SEBI) invites application for short listing of reputed manufacturers/ authorized dealers in sealed envelope for the supply of online UPS for their office at Mumbai (20KVA)/Chennai (10 KVA). The minimum criteria for the tenderers, specification, terms and conditions, place of supply and other details may be obtained from our website www.sebi.gov.in . The application for short listing may be addressed to Shri G P Garg, GM (Facilities and Management Division), Earnest House, 15th Floor, 194, Nariman Point, Mumbai 400021 so as to reach up to 3.00 p.m. on Sep 13, 2004.


(To be signed and submitted along with the detailed documentary evidence in the envelope super scribing ‘Pre-Qualification Tender for UPS’).

Minimum Pre-qualification Criteria for tenderers for submission of their offer.

  • Should be an ISO 9001: 2000 Company. ( Please enclose copy of certificate)

  • Should have a Solvency Certificate issued after 31st March 2004 from Nationalized Bank for minimum Rs. 10 lacs. ( Please enclose copy of letter issued by Nationalized Bank in respect solvency certificate)

  • Should be a registered Manufacturer or authorized dealer on behalf of such manufacturer having at least 5 years valid manufacturing license issued by respective Govt. office. ( Please attach copy of same)

  • Fully equipped service center with qualified and trained engineers to be located in Mumbai and Chennai. (Please enclose details of the same indicating list of equipment, spares & engineers with contact nos. of service center in Mumbai and Chennai)

  • The party should have carried out at least 3 nos. individual UPS installation each costing not less than 5.00 lakhs during last three years preferably in central Govt. / State Govt. /Central Govt. Public Sector Undertaking / Central Govt. Autonomous Bodies (Please enclose details with the name of client, location, UPS rating, cost of UPS, date of placement of order and date of installation and commissioning, Clients contact person name, and their telephone no.)

  • Certificate of EMI compliance for their products as per EN standard EN 500091-2 from Electronics Regional and Testing Laboratory (ERTL) / Society for Applied Microwave Electronics Engineering and Research (SAMEER)

(The party must give undertaking for submitting the certification for EN 500091-2 compliance prior to dispatch of UPS to SEBI issued by ERTL/SAMEER., it will be mandatory for acceptance.


(For and on behalf of)

Name & Seal of the Party




Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) intends to purchase 1no. 20 KVA online UPS for their office at Earnest House, 14th Floor, 194, Nariman Point, Mumbai 400 021 and 1no. 10KVA online UPS for their office at D’Monte Building, 3rd Floor, No.32 D’Monte Colony, TTK Road, Alwarpet, Chennai 600 018. The minimum specifications of online UPS required by SEBI are as follows:




10KVA & 20KVA



IGBT based PWM type using microprocessor / DSP for control



415VAC ± 25%, 3 phase, 4 wire


Frequency range

45 – 55 Hz


Power factor



Current harmonic distortion

< 14%



230VAC ±1%, 1 phase, 2 wire



50Hz ± 0.01% in async mode


Crest factor

3: 1


Transient response for 100% step load variation

Voltage dip/rise less than –4% / +2% and recovery within 20 milliseconds



150% for 1 min


Overall AC to AC efficiency



Harmonic distortion

< 3% on linear load



Inbuilt double wound isolation transformer with class "H" insulation



Lead acid sealed maintenance free


Nominal voltage

As per manufacturer


Minimum VAH rating

For 10KVA : 8112 (24AH, no. of batteries between 26 to 32.)

For 20KVA : 12480

(40AH, no. of batteries between 26 to 32.)


Back up time

30 minutes


Battery makes

Global-Yuasa/ Amara Raja/ Exide


Additional Facility

On Line Battery testing facility



Input Over / Under voltage

Output Over/ Under voltage

Battery over/ under voltage

Low battery

Output overload / short circuit

Over temperature , Manual bypass switch



LED indications for Line ON, Battery ON, Mains abnormal, Load on battery, load on bypass & Inverter trip.



LCD display on front panel to monitor :

Input voltage, battery voltage, output voltage, balance battery autonomy, output frequency & load power %


Computer interface

SNMP ready with RJ45 port alongwith software for remote monitoring on WAN. Soft ware should facilitate shutdown of multiple servers in LAN using Windows, Unix, Linux, and Novell operating systems and must be user programmable.


Audible noise

< 50dBA at 1 m distance from panel.


Operating temperature

0 – 40 ° C


Relative humidity

95% non condensing



EN50091-1 for safety

EN50091-2 for EMC


Protection class



Manual Bypass switch


(The Party must indicate whether their product meets EACH OF the above specifications, in case there is any deviation, same MUST BE indicated separately.)




(For and on behalf of)

Name & Seal of the Party




Terms and Conditions

Tenderer may note the following:-

  1. The tenderer are requested to submit their application for short listing along with documentary evidence as per details given in Annexure A and Annexure B and signed copy of Annexure C in sealed envelope super scribing ‘Pre-Qualification Tender for UPS’ addressed to Shri G.P.Garg, General Manager(Facilities Management Division), Securities and Exchange Board of India, Earnest House, 15th Floor, Nariman Point, Mumbai 400 021 so as to reach on or before 3.00 p.m. on September 13, 2004.
  2. SEBI may opt for third party confirmation from ERTL/SAMEER for specification of the product. In case the specification does not meet the requirements, the party has to bear the expense for subsequent testing at their own risk and cost.
  3. The Pre-qualification bid would be opened on September 13, 2004 at 3.30 p.m. and based on the information furnished and clarifications if any, the parties would be short listed and provided with the tender documents in due course of time.
  4. The Online UPS 20 KVA will be delivered at Earnest House , 14th Floor, 194, Nariman Point, Mumbai 400 021 and online UPS 10 KVA at D’Monte Building, 3rd Floor, No.32 D’Monte Colony, TTK Road, Alwarpet, Chennai 600 018.. SEBI may direct the party to deliver and install the machine at location other than indicated in the tender documents. However same will be within the municipal limits of Mumbai/Chennai and for which the party will not be offered any extra charges.
  5. The party should have service centre to ensure that machines are attended within a period of three hours after the complaint is lodged on working days and within a period of 12hrs on Holidays.
  6. SEBI reserves the right to vary the pre-qualification criteria, specification and issue the tender document to only those parties it founds suitable and restrict number of parties if too many applications are received.
  7. Please note that SEBI reserves the right to reject any or all applications without assigning any reasons whatsoever.


    (For and on behalf of)

    Name & Seal of the Party