Notice of Attachment of Bank Accounts and Demat Accounts 6541 & 6542 of 2021 dated April 07, 2021 against Peers Allied Corporation Limited (PAN: AAECP5032C), Mr. Alok Tripathi (PAN: AEUPT1819A), Mr. Sandeep Kumar Mishra (PAN: AXHPM2750M), Mr. Shailesh Kumar Upadhyay (PAN: ABDPU8384M), Mr. Vishwambher Nath Dubey (PAN: AZRPD9701B), Mr. Durga Prasad Dubey (PAN: AIYPD6009L), Mr. Anup Agarwal (PAN: AFVPA8971N), Mr. Ashish Kumar Tripathi (PAN: AGEPT4844K), Ms. Indu Dubey (PAN: AKYDP8151B), Ms. Manju Upadhyay (PAN: AAZPU1224F), Mr. Ajay Kumar Pandey (PAN: AXLPP7767R) and Mr. Sadhu Sharan (PAN: AAZPU1225E), jointly and severally, [Defaulters] in the matter of Peers Allied Corporation Limited under Recovery Certificate No. 3359 of 2021

Apr 07, 2021
Recovery Proceedings