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18. Power of Board to call for information and enquiry
    (1) The Board, on being satisfied that it is necessary in the public interest or in the interest of investors so to do, may, by order in writing, -

      (a) call upon any issuer, depository, participant or beneficial owner to furnish in writing such information relating to the securities held in a depository as it may require; or

      (b) authorise any person to make an enquiry or inspection in relation to the affairs of the issuer, beneficial owner, depository or participant, who shall submit a report of such enquiry or inspection to it within such period as may be specified in the order.

    (2) Every director, manager, partner, secretary, officer or employee of the depository or issuer or the participant or beneficial owner shall on demand produce before the person making the enquiry or inspection all information or such records and other documents in his custody having a bearing on the subject matter of such enquiry or inspection.

19. Power of Board to give directions in certain cases

Save as provided in this Act, if after making or causing to be made an enquiry or inspection, the Board is satisfied that it is necessary -

    (i) in the interest of investors, or orderly development of securities market; or

    (ii) to prevent the affairs of any depository or participant being conducted in the manner detrimental to the interests of investors or securities market.

    it may issue such directions -

      (a) to any depository or participant or any person associated with the securities market; or

      (b) to any issuer,

as may be appropriate in the interest of investors or the securities market.