Order in respect of M/s Price Waterhouse, Bangalore, M/s Price Waterhouse & Co., Bangalore, M/s Price Waterhouse & Co, Kolkata, M/s Lovelock and Lewes, Hyderabad, M/s Lovelock and Lewes, Mumbai, M/s Price Waterhouse, Kolkata, M/s Price Waterhouse, New Delhi, M/s Price Waterhouse & Co, Chennai, M/s Price Waterhouse & Co, New Delhi, M/s Dalal & Shah, Ahmedabad, M/s Dalal & Shah, Mumbai, S. Gopalakrishnan and Srinivas Talluri in the matter of Satyam Computer Services Limited[SAT Appeal No.: 06/2018]

Jan 10, 2018
Orders : Orders of Chairman/Members