SEBI proposes simplification of Primary Issuance Process for Corporate Bonds

Press Release
Securities and Exchange Board of India
Jan 03, 2008
PR No.: 03/2008


PR No.03/2008



In a major step towards development of corporate bond market in India, SEBI has proposed simplification of the primary debt market issuance process. The Consultative Paper  on “Draft SEBI (Issue and Listing of Debt Securities) Regulations, 2008” placed on the SEBI website today states that in addition to the measures SEBI has already taken, it is proposed  to simplify the primary debt market issuance process with a view to developing a vibrant, dynamic and transparent corporate debt market in the country. Simplification of the process is expected to make primary debt issuance cost effective and less time consuming.


Some of the major features of the draft regulations include  rationalization of disclosure requirements, enhanced responsibilities to  merchant bankers  for exercising due diligence and issuance of certificates in regard to new issuances and mandatory listing of private placement of debt under Section 67(3) of Companies Act.


The paper states that while due diligence, proper disclosures and credit rating will be key elements of corporate debt issuances, these will be ensured by SEBI mainly through certifications issued by the merchant bankers, although the draft offer documents will be filed with SEBI and placed on the SEBI website (and of the exchange) for a period of seven working days.


The paper makes provisions for e-issuances of corporate debt and has proposals for introducing simplified listing requirements of debt for already listed issuer.


Public Comments have been sought by SEBI on the draft regulations.


The full text of the above consultative paper and the draft regulations is available on the website:



January 03, 2008