Corporate Governance

Press Release
Securities and Exchange Board of India
Oct 01, 1999
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  Press Release 

October 1, 1999
Ref.No. PR 229/99

  Corporate Governance

Department SMDRP

The Kumar Mangalam Birla Committee appointed by SEBI on Corporate Governance has finalised the draft report. The report is being made public for obtaining their views. The report is also being sent to Chambers of Commerce, All India Financial Institutions, Stock Exchanges, academicians and other market participants for their views. The Committee is also inviting the Chairman/Presidents of the All India Financial Institutions and Chambers of Commerce and other experts.

The copy of the draft report is available at the SEBI Head Office at Mittal Court, and also on the SEBI web site at 

The comments and the suggestions could be sent by October 22, 1999 and addressed to 

Shri P K Bindlish
Division Chief
Secondary Markets, Depositories 
Research and Publications Department
The Committee on Corporate Governance
SEBI Head Office
Mittal Court, B Wing,
224, Nariman Point
Mumbai 400024

The comments and suggestions could also be sent by e-mail to the following addresses in Word-6 format as virus free attachments: