Information to public on complaints

Dec 05, 2013
Information to public on complaints

SEBI has been receiving complaints on SCORES and also getting regular emails regarding complaints. These complaints are examined and are taken up with respective companies or intermediaries for redressal. Based on the action taken reports given by companies/regulated entities,  actions are taken by SEBI as per the prescribed  rules/regulation/circular etc. Thereafter, complaints are closed by SEBI. There are some complaints which are addressed as per the existing norms but these complaints are continuously referred back to SEBI despite having been addressed such as by advising complainants to approach appropriate authorities  or forums such as civil courts, consumer courts, arbitration mechanism, or to other regulators etc

In view of the above, the following information is given to general public.

1Guidance to the general public about effective ways to redress their grievances
2 How repeated complaints even after the matter has been resolved from SEBI's side do not help the system.
3Instances of the type of repeats complaints are highlighted on website.