Information to public on complaints

Dec 10, 2019
Information to public on complaints

Instance of complaint without disclosure of identity and furnishing supporting evidence
[In supersession of information to public on complaints dated December 06, 2019]

A person named Charul Singh made several complaints against a MII wherein he made grave allegations over certain issues and demanded investigation by SEBI into each allegation.
The complainant made these allegations without any supporting documentary evidence and without disclosing his/her real identity. The name turned out to be fake, the address and phone number nonexistent and there was no response from the e-mail ID. Also, while the complainant claimed to be serving employee of the MII, the MII stated that they don’t have any records of employee (ex or current) by the name “Charul Singh”. 
The complainant, also purported to be whistle blower, shared his unsubstantiated allegations with various news/media outlets, some of which taking cognizance of his allegations printed articles without any evidence.
Since it has not been possible to reach the complainant, it is important to bring to notice of general public that SEBI can entertain complaints where the concerned investor/complainant is reachable to substantiate any allegation and provide supporting documents or where the contents have verifiable details for the purpose of establishing the allegations made in the complaint. Any complaint where the allegations are not specific /substantiated may not be processed. 
SEBI may not take any action on complaints where SEBI is unable to reach back to the complainant or where the contents are not specific /substantiated or verifiable.