XBRL Projects in SEBI

Jun 19, 2012
XBRL Projects in SEBI

XBRL Projects in SEBI


1.      Proposed SUPER-D Project:


Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) is in the process of setting up a SEBI Unified Platform for Electronic Reporting and Dissemination (SUPER-D), which will be a XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language) technology based platform for reporting by listed companies, Mutual Funds and other SEBI registered intermediaries.The platform will also be used to disseminate requisite information relating to listed companies, mutual funds and other intermediaries, to the public.In order to set up SUPER-D, tender process has already been initiated. Information about the same is available on SEBI website under tender section (i.e. https://www.sebi.gov.in/sebi_data/tenderdocs/1315564147720.pdf )


Responses received from the shortlisted bidders on the Request for Proposal (RFP) are under evaluation.


2.      XBRL Pilot Project for Mutual Funds


SEBI has started a XBRL Pilot Project for filing / reporting by Mutual Funds with SEBI. (Referred as XBRL MF Pilot Project).

(i)     XBRL filings on Voluntary basis


SEBI invites all the registered Mutual Fund/Assets Management Companies to participate on voluntary basis as filers for doing XBRL filings of the specified reports to SEBI through XBRL MF Pilot Project. These XBRL filings will be in addition to the filings under the current system.


To participate, Mutual Funds need to generate XBRL instance document using XBRL filing tools and SEBI Mutual Fund Taxonomy. These XBRL instance documents may then be sent to SEBI on a dedicated email ID.


To get further details and to participate in XBRL MF pilot project, contact us on 022-26449166 or write to us xbrlmf@sebi.gov.in for voluntary filing.


Till date, ten Mutual funds have joined in this pilot project of SEBI and have started XBRL filing of the specified reports with SEBI on voluntary basis.


(i)     Reports covered for XBRL filings


The following forms/ reports are to be reported by Mutual Funds and Assets Management Companies in XBRL format to SEBI:

a.                  Monthly Cumulative Report

b.                  Percentage of Assets Under Management from City Clusters

c.                   Ageing Analysis Of Assets by Asset Under Management

d.                  Number of Branches of the AMCs

e.                  Half Yearly Portfolio Disclosures

f.                    Deployment of Funds in Equity & Debt Schemes

g.                  Balance in Load Account



(iii)   SEBI Mutual Fund Taxonomy