Department Economic and Policy Analysis (DEPA)

Statistics and Publication

This division will collect the data from various sources and also verify their accuracy and continuously maintain/ update the data. It would collect, compile and share data within and outside SEBI. This division would be interface of SEBI for providing data with respect to capital/ securities market. This division would publish Hand Book of Statistics on an annual basis and would provide data tables in SEBI Monthly Bulletin. Besides, it will also be responsible to provide available data for replies to the Parliament Questions/Government correspondence and sharing of information with other statutory bodies like Maharashtra Govt. Survey etc. This division will also coordinate the publication of SEBI Annual Report. 

Regulatory Research

This division will prepare inputs on regulatory developments or changes in regulatory structures. The division also prepares on monthly basis a report on global market review which will be published in the SEBI Bulletin. This division will also provide information and inputs based on research