Enforcement Department - 2 (EFD2)

SAT Litigation Division

SAT Litigation Division of Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) would be responsible for handling appeals against orders of SEBI or its Adjudicating Officers. While undertaking defence representation in contentious matters involving complex issues of law, the Division would liase with Senior Advocates, law firms, solicitors firms and represent the interest of SEBI at Securities Appellate Tribunal (SAT). The Division would also be an interface between SEBI and SAT, while collaborating with other departments of SEBI. It would also assist SEBI in filing affidavits/written submissions, as and when needed, while attending hearings

Division of Prosecution

The division shall handle work related to filing prosecution proceedings through the courts and follow up to obtain conviction. The Division will also frame procedures for cooperation with public prosecutors, other agencies and for making referrals to prosecutors and other government agencies        

Settlement Division

“Settlement Division handles the Settlement Applications filed by the Applicant for the Settlement of the Specified Proceedings that have been initiated or may be initiated by SEBI. The Settlement Applications are processed as per SEBI (Settlement Proceedings) Regulations, 2018 [Settlement Regulations] and if settlement is arrived at, the Settlement Orders are passed.

The Settlement Division is responsible for handling Registration of Settlement Application, Calculation of Settlement amount as per the Settlement Regulations, organizing Internal Committee Meeting between the Applicants and Internal Committee Members for formulating the settlement amount/terms, Organizing High Powered Advisory Committee (HPAC) Meeting, placing the recommendation of HPAC before the Panel of Whole Time Members for approval.”