Commodity Derivatives Market Regulation Department (CDMRD)

Division of Market Policy

Policy relating to Commodity Derivative Exchanges including their trading, clearing and settlement operations.

Division of Exchange Administration

Registration, recognition and administration of Commodity Derivative Exchanges including ownership, governance, demutualization and exit etc. Reviewing rule change proposals relating to all policy issues and supervision of commodity derivatives exchanges. Issuing show cause notices, appointment of Enquiry/Adjudication officers and maintenance of database of all commodity derivatives exchanges.

Division of Exchange Inspection

Conducting inspections of commodity derivatives exchanges including inspection for new recognition of Commodity Derivatives Exchanges and recommencement of trading. Monitoring and inspection of IT infrastructure of Commodity Derivatives Exchanges. 

Division of Risk Management and Products

Policy and practice relating to risk management framework of Commodity Derivative exchanges. Approval of products/contracts to be traded on commodity derivatives exchanges.

Division of Complaint against Exchanges

Dealing with complaints pertaining to Commodity Derivatives Exchanges.