Vigilance Department (Vigilance Dept.)

A. Vigilance Administration:

The Central Vigilance Commission (CVC), an apex organisation for maintaining probity in public life, provides necessary guidelines for effectively carrying out vigilance administration in all departments/ organisations of the Government of India including autonomous bodies through various circulars/ directives. These circulars and directives are available on their website http://

It is the constant endeavour of Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), a statutory regulatory body established by an Act of Parliament, to curb corruption within the organisation. Vigilance Administration in SEBI is headed by a Chief Vigilance Officer. It functions under the overall guidance given by CVC and undertakes preventive, punitive and surveillance & detection activities. It handles complaints received from various sources against the employees of SEBI including complaints under Public Interest Disclosure and Protection of Informer (PIDPI) Resolution and investigates into them in an impartial, professional and time bound manner.

As per CVC guidelines no action is to be taken on anonymous / pseudonymous complaints. As such complaints sent through written communication/letter/ email should contain name of the complainant, his/her complete postal address, mobile/telephone number, proof of identity such as PAN card, Aadhar card, Voter ID card, Driving License, Passport etc. with specific details/information of the matter.

To lodge a complaint against any SEBI employee on any allegation of corruption or of misuse of office wherein complainant wishes to keep the identity secret, a Whistle Blower complaint under Public Interest Disclosure and Protection of Informer (PIDPI) Resolution can be lodged directly with the Designated Agency i.e. CVC. The PIDPI complaint should be in a closed/ secured envelope and should be addressed to Secretary, Central Vigilance Commission. The envelope should clearly be inscribed with “Complaint under the Public Interest Disclosure” or “PIDPI”. The PIDPI complainant should give his/her name and address in the beginning or end of complaint or in an attached letter. The name and address should NOT be mentioned on the envelope. The detailed guidelines for lodging PIDPI complaints are available on CVC website i.e. https://

Contact details of CVO:

Anybody who is a victim of corruption or has any information of corruption in SEBI may lodge his complaint to CVO, SEBI by email to or by post (in a sealed envelope mentioning ‘Confidential’ on it), to –

The Chief Vigilance Officer

Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI),

SEBI Bhavan,

C4-A, “G” Block,

Bandra Kurla Complex,



Tel No.: +91 22 2644 9996

B. Integrity Pledge:

In order to create greater awareness and participation of the public at large, the Commission has envisaged a concept of “Integrity Pledge” to enlist support and commitment of the citizens and other corporates/entities/firms, etc., especially in the private sector, to prevent and combat corruption. The pledges are available on the Commission’s website .