Corporation Finance Department (CFD)

Division of Issues and Listing

  • The Division handles work relating to:
    •     a. Policy formation pertaining to
    •             (i) primary market
    •             (ii) disclosures in offer documents
    •             (iii) listing  
    •             (iv) Employee Stock Option
    •             (v) Preferential issues
    •             (vi) Qualified Institutional Placement (QIP)
    •             (vi) Scheme of arrangement, etc.
    •    b. Issuance of observations on the draft offer documents of public issues and rights issues & on documents pertaining to scheme of arrangement.
    •    c. Investor complaints relating to public issues, rights issues and schemes of arrangement.

Social Stock Exchange and Policy Division

  • This division handles work relating to:
  •     a. Social Stock Exchange – Policy Formulation, Regulatory Supervision, Creation of eco-system etc
  •     b. Policy formulation pertaining to
  •           (i)Issuance and listing of securities
  •           (ii)Primary market
  •           (iii)Disclosures in offer documents
  •           (iv)Rights issues
  •           (v)Preferential issues
  •           (vi)Qualified Institutional Placement (QIP)
  •           (vii)Scheme of arrangement, etc.
  •           (viii)Other work assigned from time to time

Division of Corporate Restructuring

  • The Division handles work relating to:
  •     a. Issuance of observations on the draft offer documents pertaining to open offers and buy-backs
  •     b. All matters including policy formation pertaining to
  •           (i) Substantial Acquisition and Takeovers
  •           (ii) Buy back of securities
  •           (iii) Delisting of Securities
  •     c. Processing of exemption applications under Takeover Regulations and coordinating with the Takeover Panel
  •     d. Investor complaints relating to corporate restructuring.

Compliance and Monitoring Division

  • The Division handles work relating to:
  •    a. Investor complaints relating to non-compliance with Listing Regulations
  •    b. Inspection of stock exchanges.
  •    c. Guidance to Stock Exchanges on listing matters, vanishing companies in consultation with respective Registrar of Companies.