Information Technology Department (ITD)

The Information Technology Department (ITD) of SEBI is the enabler of technology landscape in the organisation. ITD is committed to its vision of leveraging technology in partnership with every department of SEBI to achieve the following goals:

  • Development and implementation of Enterprise wide solutions like Portals and gateways, Network Infrastructure, Private Cloud Infrastructure, Mail and messaging solution, Data lake, Document Management system, SAP Solution etc.
  • Facilitating Ease of doing Business for market intermediaries by enhancing the digital interfaces between them and SEBI in respect of a large range of functions such as Regulations, Compliance and Reporting.
  • Developing Data Warehouse system for surveillance, inspections and supervision activities.
  • Driving data analytics practice at SEBI.
  • Ensuring deployment of strong cyber security measures and information technology (IT) resilience in the market Infrastructure to facilitate uninterrupted trading and privacy of investor data.
  • Undertaking IT inspections and audit for MIIs and intermediaries.
  • Development of framework for information interchange with various government agencies.
  • Facilitating innovation in markets through SEBI’s Innovation Sandbox Framework.