Market Regulation Department (MRD)

Note: SEBI follows the transparent procedure for processing various applications received from intermediaries. By and large, reply is sent to the applicant within a period of 30 days. Once the requirements are complied with, as advised in our letter, the desired service, such as, grant of registration, cancelation of registration etc. is completed. The applicants may please note that in case they provide incomplete / vague information or supporting documents, wherever required, are not enclosed, this may lead to further correspondence and delay in processing of their applications. In case the application has remained unattended or there is an inordinate delay, the applicant should not hesitate in writing to the respective Division Chief or the Executive Director, whose contact details are mentioned in the website.

- Division of SRO Administration

Activities Timelines

Fresh registration of depository/depository participants/custodians.

30 days

Renewal of registration/ cancellation thro surrender of depository/depository participants/custodians

30 days