बाजार विनियमन विभाग (बाजार विनियमन विभाग)

The Market Regulation Department (MRD) is responsible for formulation of policy and supervision of functioning and operations of Market Infrastructure Institutions (MIIs) such as, Stock Exchanges, Depositories and Clearing Corporations as well as Vault Managers. MRD consists of the following divisions:

1. Registration, Approvals, Correspondences (RAC)-1(Commodity)

2. Registration, Approvals, Correspondences (RAC)-2

3. Supervision, Enforcement and Complaints(SEC)-Stock Exchange

4. Supervision, Enforcement and Complaints(SEC)- Clearing Corporation & Depositories

5. Supervision, Enforcement and Complaints(SEC)- Automation

6. Policy and Development(POD)- 1(Commodity)

7. Policy and Development (POD)- 2 (Regulatory)

8. Policy and Development (POD)- 3 (Developmental)

9. Technology, Process Re-engineering, Data Analytics(TPD)